Common Fault Analysis Of Ignition Coil

- Nov 27, 2017 -

Although the ignition coil plays an important role in the ignition system, its structure is not complicated. The ignition coil is mainly composed of primary coil, secondary coil and other parts. The ignition coil turns the low pressure supplied by the battery into high pressure, which makes the spark plug produce electric spark and then carries on the subsequent ignition.

But because of its special structure, the performance of the ignition coil is not intuitive after the failure, which often brings difficulties to the judgment of the owner.

But in fact, when the ignition coil failure, there are traces. Here are some common ignition failure symptoms and detection program

Fault types

1.ignition coil winding short circuit, open circuit or earthing

The low pressure of the battery can not be converted to high pressure, resulting in insufficient ignition energy, and the spark plug is easy to be contaminated by carbon deposition.

2.Surface discharge of ignition coil

The flashover on the outer surface of the ignition coil is mainly caused by dirt and severe wetting.

3.insulation aging of ignition coil

Often due to frequent hot after high temperature or high load working condition resulting in ignition, ignition coil temperature rises rapidly, aging.

Fault detection scheme

1.external observation

Directly observe whether the ignition coil has the symptoms of overflow, blowout, connecting pipe and high pressure nozzle ablation.

2.measuring resistance

The resistance value of the primary winding, secondary winding and additional resistance of the ignition coil should be measured by the meter. If it is not in the normal value, the replacement should be replaced immediately.

3.determination of ignition intensity

Contrast operation, if there is a short circuit, open circuit fault, the ignition strength will be different, at this time should be replaced in time.

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