Inspection Of Ignition Coil Fault

- Oct 17, 2017 -

Maintenance method: check the resistance of primary coil and secondary coil with Ohm meter of multimeter, and judge whether the ignition coil is faulty. The specific ignition coil resistance value can refer to the instructions

1. primary coil open circuit

The primary coil resistance is detected with Multimeter RXi file. When the resistance value is larger than the normal value, the primary coil lead contact is bad or the coil is broken. When the circuit breaker appears in the external lead or plug (socket) part, it can be re connected or welded; when the circuit breaker appears in the interior, it is difficult to repair and should be replaced.

2. secondary coil breakdown damage

The resistance of secondary coil is detected by multimeter R * 1K file. When the resistance value is less than the normal value, it shows that the coil is short circuited. The main reason of secondary coil breakdown is that the dielectric strength of secondary coil is reduced and the working voltage is too high. The main reason for the decrease of the dielectric strength of the secondary coil is the secondary coil damp, the secondary coil overheating and the insulation material aging. The main reason for the high working voltage of secondary coil is that the gap between spark plug electrode is too large and the connection of high voltage circuit is loose.

Secondary coil breakdown occurs mostly between online spheres.  When the secondary coil local breakdown, the temperature of the breakdown site will increase obviously, and the fault will expand to the adjacent area. After secondary breakdown, it is difficult to repair under the general conditions, so the correct use of maintenance is particularly important.

3. surface discharge

Surface discharge refers to discharge flashover phenomenon on the outer surface of ignition coil. The main cause of surface discharge is dirt on the surface and severe wetting. Surface discharge often occurs near the high pressure extraction screw, so the sheath between the high pressure extraction screw and the high voltage wire is usually equipped with sheath. When the surface discharge occurs, the burning traces can often be seen at the discharge part. When the burning loss is slight, the burning loss can be removed and the insulation treatment can be done well.

When the inspection of the ignition coil is difficult, it is difficult to make an accurate judgment with the appearance inspection and the resistance measurement method, and the new ignition coil should be replaced by the contrast test method. In the ordinary case, the same type of ignition coil is often interchangeable, but the size of the installation may vary

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