Mazda Ignition Coil

- Dec 12, 2017 -

The ignition coil is divided into two kinds: the open magnetic and the magnetic closure according to the magnetic path. The traditional ignition coil is used as an open magnetic type. The core is made of 0.3 millimeter silicon steel sheet, and the core is surrounded by secondary and primary coils. In the form of a magnetic field, a close loop is wound around a core like an iron core, and a secondary coil is rewound outside, and the magnetic line of force is made up of a closed magnetic circuit. The advantages of the magnetically closed ignition coil are less magnetic flux, less energy loss and small volume, so the electronic ignition system is generally used as a magnetically closed ignition coil.

Analysis of the role of ignition coil:

The core part of the ignition device is made up of ignition coil and switchgear. The ignition coil is actually a transformer. The seemingly ordinary transformer has primary winding, secondary winding, iron core and insulation material. Its working principle is not so simple.

Solid state ignition coil with closed magnetic circuit

The closed magnetic circuit solid ignition coil is mainly composed of low voltage coil winding, high pressure coil winding, closed magnetic core, shell and solid filler. The coil iron core is a closed magnetic circuit, which greatly enhances the conversion efficiency of the energy, increases the output voltage and makes the spark plug easier to ignite.  In addition, in order to reduce the eddy current loss caused by iron core, 0.35 or 0.5mm silicon steel sheets are used to form the mouth or typeface, and 1.5mm air gap is left to avoid magnetic saturation and improve conversion efficiency. Its solid filler is mainly thermosetting epoxy resin, Mercedes Benz ignition coil, good pressure insulation, heat dissipation, sealing is very superior.

The advantages of solid state ignition coils with closed magnetic circuit:

1. closed magnetic circuit structure, magnetic force line concentration, high energy conversion efficiency

2. high pressure insulation, good heat dissipation, high performance, high reliability

3. smaller size to meet the needs of the car space

The ignition coil is also known as the high voltage coil and the high pressure package. The above two kinds of ignition coils are relatively good, and the solid type of the closed magnetic circuit is better, which can reduce electromagnetic interference greatly. The normal work of the engine electronic control system can be guaranteed.

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