PORSCHE Ignition Coil, You Know?

- Nov 27, 2017 -

A mention of Porsche ignition coil, first we start to understand the role of Porsche ignition coil.


In fact it is simply a transformer, which is the ignition system is an important element. It is 12V DC, into 10000 - about 15000V AC power supply spark plug gap between two electrodes of the spark breakdown of the spark plug, (commonly known as: jump). So as to achieve the task of ignition. In the past, the primary current of the ignition coil is controlled by a breaker, and now it is usually controlled by a computer (ECU).

Porsche motor as the power, the ignition coil often need to change often, most of the domestic life of 30000 kilometers, while imports of Porsche the service life of the ignition coil is 40000~70000 km,

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