What Is The Role Of The Ignition Coil? How Often Is The Ignition Coil Changed?

- Nov 09, 2017 -

The usual ignition coil consists of two coils, the primary coil and the secondary coil. The primary coil uses a thicker enameled wire, usually around 200-500 mm around the enameled wire about 0.5-1 mm; the secondary coil uses a finer enameled wire, usually around 15000-25000 mm around the enameled wire around 0.1 turns. One end of the primary coil is connected with the low voltage power supply (+) on the vehicle, and the other end is connected with the switch device (breaker). One end of the secondary coil is connected with the primary coil, and the other end is connected with the output end of the high-voltage line to output the high voltage.

In the continuous production process of large quantities of automobile ignition coil, on-line detection of the performance parameters, not only can accurately judge whether the product quality performance and technical parameters meet the design requirements, and through analyzing the test data, can correctly judge the performance indicators and technical parameters of out of control situation and reason then, the process of the equipment make timely adjustments to eliminate the phenomenon of out of control. In the maintenance process of the automobile ignition system, the vehicle often fails because of no high pressure fire. When judging the fault, it is often impossible to determine the damage caused by the distributor or the damage caused by the ignition coil. Always replace first


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